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We Are A Fully Insured Business

We Take Pride In All Our Projects Large Or Small.


B.K. Burgess Inc. Is a family owned and operated construction company serving the deer isle and blue hill peninsula areas. With over 20 years of experience we provide many construction services including high end custom homes, renovations, small additions and commercial spaces.?

Panelize Your Project

Let's us continue your project in all kinds of Maine weather!

We are located in Maine. With the harsh winter weather it is hard sometimes to work outdoors.

That is why we use our time wisely by doing what we can for panelize your project in our shops. It lets us continue with your project and does not let weather slow us down. ?We have a crane truck that delivers the panels to your site. ?With this system we can keep your project on time and stay in budget.


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We want to make your dream become reality!



561 N. Deer Isle Road,Deer Isle, ME 04627